Friday, November 4, 2011

Bugs Steal Shot - Crappy Photo!

It becomes a Crappy Photo when unintended visitors steal the shot!
(There are two critters here, do you see them both? If not, click on the photo to enlarge!)

To see reflections from around the world, visit James at "Weekend Reflections"!


James said...

Awesome! Reminds me of feathers

♥~Judy~♥ said...

It is STILL an awesome shot. They make it more interesting. lol

Look at the detail, depth, and texture!

Dorian Susan said...

Crappy photos....that's funny. And yes, I see both the show stealers. I also see an amazing water droplet.

mary said...

Hahaha they like to be seen in the blog world too. ^_^ Happy weekend!

Kim, USA said...

It's lovely! I appreciate your visit ^_^


Carolyn said...

"Crappy photos" are often quite intriguing as this one is! Thanks for sharing.

Genie said...

Shame on those bugs...but the shot is still beautiful. Nice job in spite of their unwanted appearance. genie

Beth Niquette said... fun! lol I love the bugz.